STEAK — America’s Favorite Food!
Tips & Hints

STEAK — America’s Favorite Food!

Some years ago one of our leading national magazines ran a feature on America’s 10 favorite foods, determined by polling a representative cross-section of our population. At the top of the list, to no one’s surprise, was Beefsteak. Close behind was Prime Ribs of Beef— and understandably— because the prime ribs fit on the steer right next to the choice steak cuts.

If your grill were used for no other purpose than to broil STEAK, (If you can afford it!) it would be worth every cent you paid for it! Steaks broiled outdoors over the flame-kissed rock coals of your grill have a flavor unsurpassed by any other cooking methods.

Choosing Good Steak for Broiling

For best broiling results choose Sirloin, T-bone, Porterhouse, Filet Mignon (tenderloin), Club, Ribeye, and the related cuts sometimes identified as “New York”, “Kansas City”, etc. The preferred grades are Prime and Choice.

For good broiling, a steak should be from 1½ to 2 inches thick. 1-inch thickness is minimum.

A thick steak can be broiled to an appetizing brownness on both sides without becoming too done on the inside, and it slices and serves better. A thin steak quickly becomes over-done and dried out, and loses much of its taste appeal.

Tips For Grilling Steaks

  1. Remove steaks from refrigerator 1 to 2 hours before cooking.
  2. Trim off excess fat and suet, leaving a thin edge of fat. Score the fat to prevent curling during cooking.
  3. Rub fat or salad oil on cooking rack to minimize sticking.
  4. Do not salt meat while cooking; salt draws out juices and toughens the meat.
  5. Turn steaks with tongs or spatula. Piercing meat with a fork releases juices and increases flare-up.
  6. Use higher burner setting for rare steak, and lower burner settings for medium and well done.
  7. To increase smoky flavor, lower cover to one of three positions provided by the cover stop located on the left side of the grill, or close cover completely.
  8. Generally the best, most flavorful method is achieved by broiling steaks with the burner on Hi setting and the grill cover closed.
  9. Do not leave steaks unattended. For the most delicious and appetizing steaks, be johnny-on-the-spot to turn and remove them from the grill just at the right time!
  10. Like that Hickory taste? Sprinkle dampened hickory chips or saw-dust on the briquets a few minutes before steaks are done and lower cover. The result— that hickory smoke flavor!