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frozen peaches

Pointers for Freezing Peaches

1. Sorting peaches, Mrs. Mount joy selects for freezing hose that would be prime for ea t ing- – j u icy and firm- !ripe, with no lingering green that means “not ready.” She allows 1 to lVi pounds of peaches, as bought or picked, for each pint container that will be filled.

2. After washing the fruit, and halving and pitting it, Mrs.
Mountjoy removes the skins. For sake of texture, she takes
time to peel without the home canner’s short cut of dipping
peaches in hot, then cold, water to make skins slip easily. The
dipping would cause the outer layer to soften in frozen fruit.

Home frozen peaches at their best are delectable eating. Selecting fine peaches is important, but it’s not the whole story. Good preparation is important, too, for a happy ending.

In these pictures, Beatrice Mountjoy, food specialist, of the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, prepares sliced peaches with sirup for freezing, according to the Bureau’s directions.

3. So that cut fruit won
darken in the air, Mrs
Mount joy slices peeled peac
directly into cold sirup in ■
freezer jar. Making sirup it
an advance job. It’s made by I
dissolving 3 cups sugar til
each 4 cups water. To keep*
peach color from darkening :’ I
the freezer, she adds to the.
sirup ascorbic acid (vitaurl
C), putting 1/2 teaspoon (1000 *
milligrams) in each 4 cups
cold sirup. Ascorbic acii
powder or tablets may
bought in drug stores and soat
freezer locker plants. 2 73A

4. After pressing the fruit
down, Mrs. Moun t j oy adds
enough cold sirup to cover it.
A piece of crumpled parchment
or locker paper on top helps
to hold fruit under the sirup.
She leaves space at top, be-
cause fruit will expand in
freezing. In containers with
straight sides and wide top,
like these, head space needed
is 1/2 inch for pints, 1 inch
for quarts. When jar edges
have been wiped clean and dry,
lids can be screwed on tightly
and peaches are ready for
freezing and storage. 285A

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