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Iced Tea Beats Out Hot As America’s Favorite…

As the month of June (or as we like to call it, National Iced Tea Month) comes to a close, many will push forward making the entire summer the perfect time to salute tea, a beloved beverage that tastes great and is good for you.

Not only is tea the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, but on any given day more than half of the American population drinks tea. In fact, according to a survey of Americans commissioned by the Tea Council of the USA, more tea drinkers like their tea iced than hot (84% vs. 75%). Grab a glass and toast to some of the “cool” tea facts uncovered by the nationwide survey.

A Dark Frosty Brew. 69% of black tea drinkers enjoy their tea iced, and 66% enjoy it hot. More black tea drinkers prefer a dark brew to a light brew (24% vs. 18%).

Iced Tea-Drinking Nation. Despite the stereotype, Midwesterners are more likely than Southerners to drink their tea iced (74% to 68%). But, one southern tradition does remain true – southern tea drinkers are more likely to reach for the sugar than people in any other part of the country (53% vs. 42%).

GuaranTEAd Crowd Pleaser. Millennials are just as likely as their older counterparts to drink tea (83% vs. 82%). They are also more likely than older generation tea drinkers to drink green tea on the go (34% vs. 19%), at a tea shop (24% vs. 12%), on their commute (23% vs. 10%), at an event (19% vs. 10%), in nature (19% vs. 10%) or at a spa (12% vs. 7%).

StereoTEAypes. Millennials are more likely than older generations to associate tea drinkers with being younger as opposed to older (45% vs. 30%), male as opposed to female (32% vs. 24%), and loud as opposed to soft-spoken (23% vs. 18%).

Health-Conscious Craving. More Millennials than Gen-Xers, Boomers or Traditionalists are likely
to drink tea to do something good for their body (47% vs. 41%), boost their immune system (41% vs. 31%), or maintain a healthy weight (32% vs. 22%).

Peter Goggi, President of the Tea Council of the USA recommends sipping plenty of tea this summer to stay cool, refreshed and healthy. According to Goggi, “There are many different types of teas available to suit each taste preference, and the amount of quality research being done on tea continues to support the idea that drinking tea can be a fulfilling, healthy addition to your diet.”

This summer, keep cool and hydrated with a refreshing glass of iced tea and treat yourself to one of these thirst-quenching recipes:

Classic Iced Tea*:
• Bring one quart of fresh, cold, filtered water to a full boil in a teapot
• Remove from heat and add 8–10 tea bags per quart of tea
• Steep for three to five minutes and pour over ice cubes or into additional cold water
To serve, pour into tall glass filled with ice, garnish and sweeten as desired

*Note: This recipe uses 50 percent more tea than is used to make hot tea to allow for dilution by ice.

Citrus Iced Tea:
• Mix a cup of orange juice into a pitcher of freshly-brewed iced tea
• Toss in a few orange and lemon slices for a citrus-y kick and added vitamin C

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea:
• Puree a handful of raspberries
• Stir it into a pitcher of iced tea
• Add some whole raspberries and a few sprigs of fresh mint for a refreshingly sweet warm-weather treat

Honey Iced Green Tea:
• Brew up a pitcher of iced green tea
• Stir in some honey for a touch of sweetness

Visit the Tea Council of the USA or follow @TeaCouncil on Twitter to learn more about the varieties of tea and their many health benefits.

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