Food Shoppers Quiz Part 3

On November 17, 1966, more than 70 educational television stations presented a one-hour special, the National Food Buyers Quiz. The program was produced by WETA-TV, Washington, D. C., with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Consumer and Marketing Service.

1. One thing that shows the freshness of an egg is —

C — Height and thickness of the white. And this is one of the things that determine the grade of the egg. The two top grades — U.S. Grades A A and A — are ideal for all purposes but are especially good for frying and poaching because they have a high, thick white and a yolk that is firm and not easily broken. Such eggs “stand up” and don’t spread out much in the pan. U.S. Grade B eggs are good for general cooking and baking where appearance is not important since the white is thinner and the yolk may be flatter. Therefore, you may want to reserve the use of these lower-priced eggs for cooking where appearance doesn’t count. Graders candle eggs — that is, let light shine through them — to determine the quality inside. They also check the shape of the egg, the soundness and cleanliness of the outer shell. Now and then, they’ll break open a sample as an extra check on the quality inside.

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